Pecksniffs Aromatherapy 500ml Hand Wash Re-Covery


Gentle and effective, leaves your hands feeling soft, moisturised and delicately fragranced. Work into a rich lather and rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Pecksniffs Aromatherapy 500ml Hand Lotion Re-Covery


After washing your hands moisturise with this creamy lotion to make your skin feel soft and smooth. Also suitable to use on the body.




A delicate floral scent of uplifting patchouli and the fresh, green notes of juniper help encourage a sense of calm and comfort.

Pecksniffs Aromatherapy 500ml Duo Caddy Re-Covery

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  • In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plentyof clean water. Stop using if product disagrees with you.